Delete Line option for Split Transaction entry

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When entering Split Transactions from Bill Reminders, believe that an additional option of "Delete Line" is needed.

Current configuration: For Bill Reminders (Bill & Income tab/Enter Expense Transaction Box/Split), I normally enter Category/Memo/Amount for each line on the Bill Reminder Split. At the bottom of the box, you have action options of Add Lines/Clear All/Allocate.

Explanation: When creating Bill Reminders, I enter multiple default categories/dollar amounts especially for credit cards as they are used repeatedly each month. However, not ALL categories are used each month. Would suggest that a "Delete Line" needs to be added as an option since not all category lines are required for each entry.

The end result: At the bottom of the Split box, you would have action/options: Add Line/Delete Line/Clear All/Allocate

Comments/Suggestions welcome.
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  • UKR
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    If I'm looking at the same Split Transaction dialog that you are looking, this function already exists, but it is somewhat hidden ...
    For example, to delete Split line #1, select it and then click "Edit". The "delete" line command is in the popup.
    An undocumented keyboard shortcut is also available:
    Select the line, press CTRL-D
  • Randy 415
    Randy 415 Windows Beta Beta
    Found it. Thanks. Not sure why I had so much trouble finding that.