Annoyances with new Help system.

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  1. I have a dual display system and have Quicken on the second display.  The help window comes up on the primary screen.  It should start on the screen where Quicken is, and if the user changes the size/position it should remember that for the next session.
  2. Sometimes it is very slow bring up the help.  Yes there is the "Slow connection? Switch to local help", but I would think that with a network connection of over 400Mbps wouldn't be considered "slow"  >:)  (your server is slow, or there is some kind other delay it bring up the page).
  3. All of these pages are URLs to Quicken Inc's website, and as such it would be really useful if the URL was "visible"/able to be copied.  The built in web browser/window that is being used doesn't show this.
  4. Along the same lines as #3 it would be useful if there was a "full browser" button to bring the URL up in the user's default web browser.
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    Here is another one.  The online help system is using links in the main support website.  That site constantly has a popup giving the "status" of various problems.
    When a user is searching for help they don't want this kind of information to come up and block what they are looking for.

    What's more even though the user can select "Don't show this again", because this information is constantly changing and evidentially "invalidating" this setting it isn't like the user really gets it to not show again.  It will be back a day or so later.

    In fact I find that popup to be a pain even if I'm just going to the contact page.  It shouldn't be "in your face" like that.  You should just have a button or something like it that says "Current Problems" that the user can select if that is what they came to the site for.

    This is my website:
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    Thank you so much for your feedback. We are looking into it.