How do you migrate to Quickbooks.

Quicken User for 30 years. I Just can't take it anymore. All I am doing with Quicken is downloading transactions from Chase and running reports. Quicken just seems to randomly put transactions anywhere it wants to without any rhyme or reason.

Is there a way to extract the Quicken banking account information and move to quickbooks?

How about the data.

Any other considerations?

Just looking at all of the issues outlined in this group makes me realize that they will never get a solid product.


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    My experience is different as I never use automated downloads. Half the issues posted on here are breaks and fixes for financial institution downloads. It is not all Quickens doing. Since I don't download transactions the product is perfectly solid.

    If you want to migrate to Quick Books you should probably register over at some kind of Intuit Quickbooks forum which is a different company, and ask the question there?
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    SteveU75 said:
    Any other considerations?

    Let me see, some of this may or may not apply to you.
    1. QuickBooks doesn't support investment accounts.
    2. The way Quicken downloads transactions is either by Direct Connect or Express Web Connect.  Direct Connect needs a list of financial institution's URLs kind of information for where to connect.  Intuit provides that list and keeps it up to date, and then it is Quicken talking directly to the financial institution.  Express Web Connect is Quicken talking to the "Quicken cloud server", which in turn talks to the Intuit server that goes to the financial institution's website to download transactions.  So how do you think QuickBooks does this?  Hint they don't have another magic way to do it.  Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service.  On Chase if you don't have it setup for Direct Connect then you are using the much less reliable connection method.  I have Chase for a savings account and two credit cards and have no problems with them at all.  In fact the credit cards are where other than investments most all of our household transactions go through.  Note you can also go to the Chase website and download your transactions using Web Connect (a QFX file).
    3. Do you want to work online?  Because that is their main model now.  That starts at $25 a month (50% for the first 3 months), one user.  Up to $150 a month depending on what services you want.  If you insist to run on the Desktop version that is $399.99, plus $250 per extra user up to 3 users.  Phone support is included in the online versions, it is $89 for 90 days with the Desktop version.
    4. Yes there is a procedure to transfer the "banking" accounts to QuickBooks, you should ask on their site like @YingDave said.  A quick search comes up with this:,Converter%20%2C%20then%20Finish%20.%20%20See%20More.
    5. If you really only have banking accounts to manage and don't mind online you might be interested in Quicken Simplifi, same company.  But as of now no conversion from Quicken, and no Direct Connect.  May or may not connect better, but I doubt it especially if it is Direct Connect vs Express Web Connect (they don't call it that because it is all on their servers, but it still isn't using a different system for the connections as far as I know).
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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    SteveU75 said:  All I am doing with Quicken is downloading transactions from Chase and running reports.
    You do realize there is a huge pricing and cost difference between Quicken vs QuickBooks.
    Maybe look at some of the web based simple and inexpensive solutions -

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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