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Add fields for Cash Advance Amount and Percentage rate.

Also, promotional rate tracking. (Would help during budget planning)
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  • NotACPA
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    Elaborate.  What you're asking isn't sufficiently clear ... and why can't you do that now?
    Also, why would that be a "field" and not a category or account transfer?
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  • fjackman1956
    fjackman1956 Windows Beta Beta
    edited March 2021
    OK. Under Edit/Delete:Account Details:General there is a field where you may enter a single Interest Rate - to my knowledge this information is not a category.  Most Credit Companies offer different interest rates for Cash Advances, Special Financing, Promotional Financing, etc.  If fields were added that contain what those rates are if one takes a cash advance, or 0% promotional financing and duration, etc it would be beneficial to track more accurately the costs associated with them. Utilizing the Planning Module the information might provide more accurate results using the Debt Reduction tool to get a clearer view of financials. I'm not sure this could be achieved in Quicken.