Double payment.

I used Bill Manages to pay my Chase credit card. I did not select the proper for the money to be drawn form. Chase was paid $2000.00, but NSF. Check was returned and fee was charged. The check was redeposited, returned (NCF), another fee charged. Why was it redeposited? I made a payment from a different account. Why was the check redeposited? It was not at my request. I caused the first bounce, but not the second bounce. Will this show on my credit score?


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    You would need to ask a credit score agency about that, we are just fellow users here on the forum and Quicken just gets your credit score from one of the agencies and has nothing to do with the actual credit scores.

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    I looked up if a bounced check goes on your credit history and the answer is no.
    Here is an article on it:

    If you didn't catch that the payment didn't get made, then the "non payment" would affect your credit score.

    As for why this happened?

    The Quicken Bill Manager system stinks and I wouldn't use it.  I would write paper checks before I would use it.
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