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Thought I purchased Quicken - got something totally different

Robert Briel
Robert Briel Member
edited March 6 in Before you Buy
I purchased what I thought was Quicken what I got was something called Money Line from a company called NCH Software. What is going on? Is it safe to use this program are they related to Intiute? Would be nice to know you are getting something without any mention of Quicken or Intiute.


  • Ps56k2
    Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 6
    Where did you purchase this product ?
    It's usually pretty obvious when you purchase Quicken from a retailer -
    Did a quick search,
    and it is a totally different product from a totally different company.
    What made you think this product was Quicken - doesn't even mention the name.
    And, it you have been using Quicken for years, what made you go to this other site ?
    [EDIT] - also updated the topic title to better reflect the Q&A -
    and not potential Spam
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