Issues with Category Descriptions

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  • kurtwinrich
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    Has anyone ever solved this? It is still a problem. I must admit to a certain amount of insanity on my part (doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result). That is to say, I have “repaired” (edited the descriptions to the ones I want) this at least three times, which is not a quick process. And each time I close Quicken (Premier) and re-open, the descriptions are random again, taken from transaction memos, almost certainly. Well, not exactly random.

    Explanation: This happens in my Rental Property Expenses, and Rental Property Income categories mostly, but only for the first sub-level categories. That is, my category “Rental-Association Dues” has a category description that sticks, but the sub-categories (for each rental property) do not stick. However, the second sub-level, (i.e., sub-sub-level categories, e.g., “Master HOA” for a given property) does not exhibit this problem.

    What I mean by “not exactly random” is that the corrupted category description for each property is the same memo text (from some transaction). That is, for each rental expense category, I have a few properties as sub-categories. For a given property, the description corrupts to the same thing for that property under each different rental expense.

    See image. Thanks for any help.
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