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I have used quicken for decades. I would like to upgrade to see it on the web. Can you tell me how

I have used quicken for decades. I would like to upgrade to using quicken on the web, or anyway to let my accountant view the data.


  • NotACPA
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    Sorry, but both the Q Mobile App (on your phone) and Q on the Web are adjuncts to the desktop product ... not independent applications. And both only hold your Q data going back a few years ... not everything that's in the data file on your desktop.
    To let your accountant see your data, you could send your Q data file (but you need to make NO changes in your copy while the accountant has it) OR your accountant can make no changes in it.
    Next option would be to install remote viewing software so that the account could see into Q on your computer.
    Also, if you're running a current copy of the Q subscription, there's no charge to upload your data to Q Cloud, which powers both QWeb and Q Mobile. 
    BE FOREWARNED, however, that data in the cloud has been known to cause problems in the desktop data file when any changes (or new data) are downloaded back to your desktop.
    So, all in all, it's probably just best to send the accountant a report of your actions in Q and let the accountant tell you what changes (if any) are needed).
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  • Victor C
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    I have used quicken for years as well and after several trials to move ahead transferring my data from Quicken 2013 Personal and Business for Windows I finally got this on a my MAC through an subscription. Now after a ton of work I am experiencing problems with financila reports. Anyone can give a tip on how to get the best version for Mac similar to Quincken 2013 for Windows? I am beteween nowhere. New file with no report and old files on another computer.
    Sorry for being so long
  • Victor C
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    Again chatting is not my territory so I even getting into trouble on where to put make question
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    @Victor C You should post a separate question so that the Mac users can better see it.

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