Memorized transactions getting changed

I'm fighting with some memorized transactions lately that seem to change every time I try to use them.

I have two transactions memorized for our local supermarket. One is simply the supermarket name (Kroger), with the category of Groceries.

The other is for Kroger, with the amount of a prescription I have filled on a regular basis, the category I use for medications, and a Tag (for me - I have tags for me and my wife, so I can easily break out how much each of us spend on various categories).

I just re-memorized these two within the last week. Now, when I;'m ready to use one of them today, they both have Groceries as the category, and the tag I assigned on the one for the medication. In other words, today they both are identical.

This has been going on for probably a couple months now. I see them messed up, I fix them, and a few days later, they're messed up again.

Is anyone else having, or had in the past, a similar issue? Any suggestions?


  • splasher
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    Have you "locked" the memorized payees so that they aren't changed when you use them?  Tools->Memorized Payees
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  • dlipetz
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    Let me guess - you are syncing your transactions with the Quicken Cloud, am I correct?

    I have experienced the EXACT same issues (Giant not Kroger, but not relevant) plus other transactions that had splits or tags. I would correct these entries but every single time I did a One Step Update, the same transactions would lose tags, splits, etc.

    Turns out it is the CLOUD SYNC process that is causing these errors. If you DISABLE cloud sync, fix your memorized (or scheduled reminder) transactions, and then do a One Step Update, you will find that the transactions remain intact.

    As soon as you re-enable cloud sync and do a One Step Update, your transactions will once again be corrupted, so leave Cloud Sync off. It does not work reliably and I am not sure that Quicken will ever get it to work. They've known about this problem for months, state that it has been fixed, but it has not been fixed to my knowledge.

    I am not enabling cloud sync again until there is evidence that the process does not mangle my data.

    Please reply if this is indeed your situation as well.
  • UKR
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    How about setting up and using distinct Payee Names for each specific purpose?
    • Kroger - Groceries
    • Kroger - Pharmacy
    with appropriate categories and tags and, as recommended by @splasher , "Lock" each memorized entry so it can't get changed.
    Record each purchase manually BEFORE you download transactions from the bank / credit card. This ensures a correct register transaction that cannot be mucked up by download.
  • Spider223
    Spider223 Member ✭✭
    Quicken Version R33.19 Build Update

    Another supposed UPDATE, Another failure to fix this problem. Is it really being worked on?
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