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The Cash flow report is basically the income and expense report and it should really be more a reconciliation report that takes the net income/loss and traces back to the change in cash balances over a period of time. I want it to be more accurate by taking the net income/loss for the period and adding or subtracting from that items that impact or don't impact cash, like paying down the credit card (or the balance increasing). So it would look more like:

Net income/Expense for Period 100.
change in unrealized gain/loss (20)
pay down Liability acct (30)
Net change in Cash 50
Cash at beginning 50
cash at Ending 100

something like that would be my preference but then again I am an accountant so totally understand if others wouldn't prefer it flow like a business' cash flow statement.
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  • mm1
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    I'm looking for something like this too - did you ever find a way to create it through the Quicken reports.
  • RMW
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    Same issue here. I am unable to create a true cash flow report in quicken, with in the Win and Mac versions. I want to be able to see the actual amount of cash coming into an account and the cash that actually leaves the account. But all I see is basically the income/expense report with or without transfers, depending on the settings in the Advanced tab. A basic example is a pay check. I enter the gross amount and the miscl. deductions in the Split Transaction window. So I would expect the net cash coming into the account in the cash flow report and no cash going out for the deductions since they were already withheld at the source. But my cash flow report only shows me gross salary under income and deductions under expenses. Same as the Income/Expense report. So what is really the point of the so called Cash Flow report? Seems a very basic issue to me. Anyone has figured out a solution to this problem? Thanks for any comments and possible fixes.
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    I ran into this years ago. I'm not a CPA, but something was amiss. My problem was that after you enter gross pay, then deductions, where can I fine the result as my catagorized paycheck amount, and if I run a report, where can I see my net paycheck amount as my "income"? I was told that the result was my "income", but couldn't be categorized as such but won't show up in Categories as "Income". Is this the same as what you're talking about. I thought something was wrong, but not being an accountant could never understand what was happening, I just knew something didn't seem right.
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    I've always missed this. I want to know my net monthly cashflow. My situation is simple, so I can get by with the income & expense report, transfer settings, and including or excluding some accounts. But it isn't ideal.