Check Number Field keeps getting curropt

I have a custom check number called "DDeposit" for Direct Deposits, and quicken every other time I run it changes it to "DDepúÿÿÿ". This is incredibly annoying and has been going on for over a 1, I keep hoping it gets fixed, but it doesn't. I have run repairs and found no errors, I have done find and replaces to correct it, only to find it has been corrupted again next time I run quicken for windows. It has done it before too with other custom Check Numbers and, and it only does it to like half the entries.

Any ideas how to prevent this from happening?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Have you validated your file? Go to step "Fourth" here:

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  • RubenM
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    > @"Rocket J Squirrel" said:
    > Have you validated your file? Go to step "Fourth" here:
    > Advanced Data File Troubleshooting to Correct Problems With Quicken for Windows

    Yes, several times and it find NO errors.
  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @RubenM

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. I have a couple of more questions to see if we're able to find out anything that might help. This has been going on for 1 month or has it been one year? Is this a downloaded account or is the account run manually?  How large is your data file? Do you notice anything else having issues or is it only this specific thing?

    Once we have more information we can take a look to see what troubleshooting we're able to do. Let us know once you get the chance!

    Quicken Francisco