Investment Account (Alight 401k) deletes securities when updating and replaces with cash

I am a new user and trying out Quicken before I buy it. The version I have is for Windows. The issue I am encountering is that I have successfully set up 2 Alight 401k accounts for automatic updates. It sets up just fine and shows everything perfectly from Alight - which is a mix of, essentially, 4 securities. However, when I auto update, Quicken zero's out the securities and replaces it with an odd amount of cash (I have no cash on Alight). The securities on Quicken are totally gone, just cash. [Removed - Solication] updates these accounts just fine, btw. Additionally, if I delete the accounts and re-add, it shows just fine again, until it auto updates and then it reverts to the same issue. Any thoughts? Is this a known issue or is there something I may be doing wrong?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    " However, when I auto update, Quicken zero's out the securities and replaces it with an odd amount of cash (I have no cash on Alight). "
    What do you mean by "auto update?"  Is this some subsequent download of information from the financial institution after the initial (successful) download of information that occurs when you establish the Accounts?  What entries are you seeing in the transaction lists that zeros out the Accounts?  I'd guess that the entries would be four "Removed" actions for the securities and, maybe, a "Deposit" or similar action for the cash?
  • Thanks, Tom. I’m referring to the subsequent download of information after the initial set up. For ex I set up the accounts, which look fine, then exit Quicken. When I open it the next day it ‘updates’ the accounts by connecting to the financial institution. At that point, all of the securities vanish and its replaced with cash (with a much lower value than the securities). There are no transactions listed as I have it set up as a ‘simple’ setup. I think their is also an option I can select that will set it up so I can see all the transactions, but I didn’t choose that.
  • Curtis88
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    Any resolution on this issue? I am experiencing the same, the initial setup of direct connect with Alight brings down the correct securities, but when performing a update ("download positions"), the securities are replaced with an odd amount of cash.

    If I view my Securities List (Tools > Security list), I can see my securities, but it is not auto-selected for download. Checking the box to "Download quotes" doesn't associate the securities with my Alight account in Quicken.
  • Curtis88
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    I was able to resolve by starting a new Quicken file and then adding my accounts back one at a time. I'm a 20+ years Quicken user, so I have a lot of data. I am losing some data, but need to have the Direct Connect or Web Connect working. I think that sometimes Quicken developers must only test with a fairly new data file.
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