Make it easier to switch between Quicken files

I use Quicken with several Quicken files, one for me, one for my business, and one for my elderly mother. I switch between them frequently, something that is not easy to do.

Of course the best solution would be to allow multiple Quicken files to be open at once. But, as I programmer, I know that can be difficult if the software wasn't written with that in mind.

To switch accounts, I right-click on the Quicken task bar icon, which gives me a list of recently-opened Quicken files, and pick the one I want. Easy! Not quite...

First, a pop-up dialog asks if I want to close the currently-open file, and I have to click "Yes". Of course that's what I want to do, that's why I asked to do it. Such "warnings" are pure make-work. They should only be used when the consequences of making a mistake are severe, and when there is no way to recover from a mistake without data loss. Neither applies here. If the developers insist (incorrectly) on having the "warning", at least have an option to turn it off.

Next, the old Quicken file closes and the new one opens. BUT IT DOES NOT BECOME THE ACTIVE WINDOW! Of course it's what you want to be the active window, otherwise you wouldn't have picked it! So you have to pick the Quicken taskbar icon again to bring Quicken to the top. Worse, doing so only works after the old file has closed and the new one opens, so you have to wait an unknown amount of time, with no feedback, before clicking.

I'm an old programmer and UI expert, and I HATE software that forces you to jump through hoops. This is a really egregious example of that. It's bad and thoughtless programming.

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    Instead of using the task bar, use the Quicken menu:

    Click on File
    Then click on the QDF file you want to open at the bottom of the File menu.
    No other clicks needed.
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