Multiple Accounts missing transactions

I'm beyond frustrated in that about 3 weeks ago at least 8 out of my 13 accounts are missing transactions and therefore not syncing correctly. One of my credit cards records everything twice. I have followed all of the tips online and within the Quicken help to rectify the problem. Nothing has been fixed. I'm so frustrated that I feel the only solution is to delete all of accounts and start over.


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    Hi @cdouglas43,

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with missing transactions.

    Can you give us some additional information that will help us to potentially help you with those problems?

    First please let us know which versions of both Quicken and Windows you are running.  Next, tell us exactly what the problems are - for example, for the credit card that records everything twice - what is the name of the credit card provider and what is the method tht you use to download transactions?

    Also when you say that the accounts "are not synching correctly" - are you referring to "synching" in connecting with your use of Quicken mobile or Quicken on the Web, or are you indicating that the balances in your Quicken desktop application do not match with the account balances of the accounts on the provider websites?

    Can you also give us more specific information on the steps you have taken when you said "followed all of the tips online and within the Quicken help to rectify the problem" so that we can better understand how to approach fixing your problems?

    Let us know and we'll do our best to assist.


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