Separate hidden account behaviors

Please consider separating the "hidden account" behaviors. Right now, all the behaviors are lumped into one option: I can suppress the accounts in lists, the navigation panel, AND in reports.

Most often, what I want to do is cut down on entries in the navigation pane (to focus on open accounts) and entry lists (to avoid entering transactions in closed accounts), but keep those accounts available for reports, especially long-term trend reports. It's weird to see huge spikes in those charts because a transfer came in to an open account from a hidden account that was moved and closed (like transferring an account from Schwab to Fidelity or vice-versa).
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  • stex99
    stex99 Member ✭✭
    To clarify: I realize that I can ultimately drill down with a report. But the chart that pops up when I click on a category header (i.e., Retirement) doesn't have the option to control the accounts used.