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  • Louise C.
    Louise C. Member
    I have a software improvement suggestions as well, regarding the Customer Payment window. We receive and deposit multiple customer payments at one time. My suggestions are as follows:

    1. When you open the Payment window, have the cursor automatically blink in the Customer cell so you can type the first few letters of the customer to find them easily.

    2. Have 2 Enter buttons at the bottom of the Payment window similar to QuickBooks. One button is Save & Close and the other is Save & New to keep the Payment window open for another entry. Highlight the Save & New button so when you are done entering all payment info for one customer and hit the Enter key on your keyboard, the Save & New button is selected for you.

    3. When entering continuous payments (Save & New), have the Payment window remember the last date you entered. Reset the date to the default (today's date) only when you click the Save & Close button and reopen the Payment window at a later time.

    These enhancements would be very helpful to quickly and smoothly make payment entries.

    Thank you for your consideration of these suggestions.