Are there functionality limitations in Starter Edition vs Premium Edition?

I recently downgraded from Premium edition to Starter edition. Since the downgrade my Bill and Income Reminders are not functioning correctly. I have them set to auto enter 90 days in advance and turned reminders on in the register. The reminders are appearing but I am no longer able to modify the entry in the register, and they no longer sync when I do updates on my accounts. This is the same for all types of accounts and appears to have started happening at or near the time of the software edition downgrade. Is this due to a limitation of the Starter Edition that does not exist in Premium Edition, or is this due to a version upgrade that has happened around the same time? I switched to Starter Edition on (or about) February 20, 2021.


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    Yes, Starter is missing a ton of features. We never recommend downgrading to Starter. If you need to downgrade from Premier, go to Deluxe.
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    Thanks for the response. Actually, I was using Deluxe, not Premier, but I believe that you are correct about the lack of functionality in Starter. However, when I looked at the comparison chart on the Quicken WEB site the only thing listed as different was a function that I typically don't use. So in the interest of saving money I downgraded, a mistake on my part. I will be upgrading to Deluxe.
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    There are so many limitation in the Starter version that it would take pages to list them all.  Not something that a marketing web page is going to have.  And we keep finding/hearing about new ones all the time.  For instance would be a new one that I haven't heard about.  One thing I would check is to see if the reminders are setup for automatic entry.  If they are you can't change them from the register.  As in there isn't an "next instance" you can only change the series.  This applies to all "editions" (Deluxe, ...)

    But I think there is something that people pass right over even though it is staring them right in the face.  In the past there was a "Basic" version.  You will notice that they didn't call it that, they called it "Starter".  Clearly they didn't mean this version is "well I don't use all those features any more".  They meant it for someone just starting out that have most simple kind of accounts and finances.
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    I upgraded to Deluxe version and this did not solve my issue. After 2 conversations with Quicken Support, the first rep did not know the product, I found a solution to the problem of the reminder entries not auto entering in the register.

    Solution: Click on the "gear" at the top right of the register, click on "Reminders to show in register", select the time frame that you want the reminders to be entered for. You will have to do this for each individual account register that you want to show reminders for.

    You will not be able to edit an individual reminder in a register until after the "due date" of the entry. Quicken Support will tell you that this has always been the way that reminders work, but I know from experience that this is not the case. I have been using Quicken since the '80s or '90s (a very long time) and I have never had to make this change on the individual registers. Previously once the auto entry is selected and time in advance is selected during the creation, or edit, of a reminder the process was complete and register entries appeared as set. I also used to be able to edit entries in the register prior to due date. These changes all took place within the last 2 to 6 weeks.
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    There may indeed have been program changes in the area of how scheduled reminders work.
    Generally, it appears to me that the programmers assume that one doesn't preload the register with multiple instances into the future (e.g., auto enter a monthly reminder 90 days before due date). The intent of reminders is that you only work with one instance at a time.
    Auto enter your reminder a week or two before due date if it's a fixed amount reminder and no other edits are required.
    If the amount varies or you need to make other edits to the transaction, set the reminder to "remind [xx] days in advance" using 2 or 3 weeks before due date.
    Preloading a register with several months worth of transactions is not necessary. Functions like the Budget or the Projected Balances view of the Bills & Income Reminders tab use scheduled reminders' future instances to calculate and display progress over time. The same applies to a banking register set to show future reminders as if they were real register transactions already.