Can the Quicken Team add a Alpha sort feature to Reports?

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For those of us that have large numbers of reports it would be helpful to have a sort/resort feature so that if we add a new report we can easily reorganize them. Also, why is there a limit to the number of reports I can save in a folder and why don't single reports added to the Menu bar work?
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  • MangoMan
    MangoMan Member ✭✭✭
    Just as a follow up. If I add a Report folder to my Menu bar via Customize Toolbar, it is organized in the order by the date they were created (somewhat random sort), but if you open up the Reports menu and select Reports and Graph Center they are presented in Alphabetical order - so it's clear this capability is there.
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    Hello @MangoMan,

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  • beardawg
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    I agree that there should be option to sort the toolbar reports the same as the folder is sorted. Doesn't make sense that the saved report folder is alpha but when you add to the toolbar it goes by date.
  • MangoMan
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    Need to get more users to agree to this to get any traction