Smarter (less strict) Quickfill Matching for Downloaded Transactions (Q Mac)

Currently, Quicken compares the entire payee text for Quickfill matching. Since Credit card companies append additional transaction information to the Payee name, it is rare that Quicken will find an exact match for them. For automatically downloaded transactions Quicken should make the closest match longer than perhaps three characters.
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  • Richard Woodin
    Richard Woodin Member
    I have a similar issue with the payee text from an investment bank. I would like to assign a category based on the first few characters of the payee.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Richard Woodin This is exactly what Renaming Rules are intended to help you with. Renaming Rules allow you to convert cryptic or inconsistent Payee names downloaded from your bank or credit card companies into a single, consistent name. For instance, "Home Depot Store 1234 Anytown" and "Home Depot Store 98765 Everytown" could both be transformed to "Home Depot" with a simple Renaming Rule. With a normalized Payee name like this, you can create a QuickFill Rules you want. 
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