Scary outcome of manual bill->online bill->manual bill

I have always used manual reminders for my bills, not wanting to share that info with any online systems (silly, perhaps, but that's what I did). I recently decided to convert some of my bill reminders to "online billers." When I found that I didn't feel I could rely on that (constant "Awaiting next bill" even when the bill was due), I removed the biller account. Much to my dismay, I realized today that that means that even my MANUAL bill reminders, apparently, got deleted. So now I have to figure out which bills I no longer have reminders for.

If anyone has a method for determining recently-deleted online billers, please share.

For others, this is just a warning of one downside of using and then not using online billing.


  • EmKay
    EmKay Member ✭✭✭
    Additional information - I see now (minutes later, discovered by accident) that going to the manual reminder, editing it, and choosing to unlink from the online bill FROM THERE is probably the way I should've done this. Would've been nice to get a warning, going about it from the other direction, that my reminder would be deleted, though.