How to change the date tab settings in the register (Q Mac)

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I'd like to add a tab stop for the "day" in the register. Default setting is month, then tab's directly to Payee.


  • MontanaKarl
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    That is by design.  The Tab key moves between fields (columns)... not subfields.  But, solution is easy:  the "/" key moves from month to day to year.  Just tab "/" to get to the day.

    Also, if you don't know all of the other date shortcuts, they save a ton of time. Once you've tabbed into, or clicked in, the date field - with no need to highlight either M, D or Y:

    +/- move forward or back one day at a time
    t = today
    m = first day of this Month
    h = last day of this montH
    y = first day of the Yyear
    r = last day of the yeaR
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  • jacobs
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    Also, Option-Tab moves from month to day to year, if you prefer that to "/".

    Also, both Option-Shift-Tab and Shift-Tab move backwards from year to day to month
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  • RickO
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    And one more: you can use the keyboard left/right arrow keys to move among the subfields within the Date field.
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  • LMD
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    +/- moving forward and back have always worked for me until lately. now i have to open the calendar popup for it to work. in the date field itself, -/+ moves between yy->mm->dd changing nothing. t (today) ,m(month),y (year) all work properly as usual. Any ideas what might be happening?
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @LMD Are you talking about the date field in a register? + and – work normally for me, incrementing and decrementing the date.

    When you say it worked "until lately", can you identify any other changes to your environment around the same time you started seeing this in Quicken? a macOS update? New keyboard? Change of macOS Region settings (which affects dates)?

    If your dates are in yy-mm-dd format, you have a region other than US selected, correct? If you temporarily switch your macOS Region to US, do that make the date field + and - keys work correctly in Quicken? I'm wondering if this is something most of us aren't seeing because we're using the US Region.
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