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It would be nice to be able to create reports on downloaded currency exchange rates or even just display a graph of the trend. Currently you can only print a list of historical rates to PDF. A few more options would be nice. Thanks
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Note that QWin US does not store exchange rate history, only the current exchange rates. See this discussion
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  • Chris_QPW
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    @Shannon101 Are you using the Canadian version of Quicken?
    (It has the exchange rate history, unlike the US version)

    But more to the point I can't think of any place in Quicken where you can print a PDF that you can't used the "Export to:" to get it out in a different format so it would be nice to have a screenshot of the "Print" dialog you are using, since that might lead to a workaround (not this wouldn't be a nice feature request, to have graphs and such).
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