USAA fix not correcting mobile app connectivity

I apologize if this is not a new discussion, but if it's not, I defer to a failure in the "search" capability on this forum (I did attempt to search to see if this issue is an open thread)

I went through the laborious process of re-linking all my USAA accounts back to Quicken (Mac, subscription, not cheap!) using the new process required earlier this year. The Quicken desktop app is now working as expected, downloading transactions, etc. Yay.

The problem is when I open the Quicken for iOS app, the app still says "connectivity error - click here to fix" on ALL my USAA accounts. And when I click "Fix it", viola - nothing good happens (same error appears).

Just in case it mattered, I tried the following things to get the desktop app to link the mobile app correctly to the accounts:

- logged out the mobile app and swiped it away
- turned off mobile linking in the desktop app
- turned mobile linking back on on the desktop app, and selected all accounts from that tab.
- logged back into my Quicken account on the mobile app, and alas, same "Fix needed" error.

It appears whatever painful process I went through to re-link all my USAA accounts to the desktop app is not being handed over to the mobile app so it can function properly.

Does anyone know a fix? If there is no fix, can we get this escalated? I open the mobile app ten times more often than the desktop app, and quite frankly the mobile app even does some things better than the desktop app anyway, so I'd one day like to cut the cord on the desktop beast completely if ever possible..

The only remaining troubleshooting steps I did not do are the following:

- uninstall the quicken app on my phone
- try the app on an old android I have
- wipe and reload the iPhone (X) completely
- purchase a new phone and start anew

Any help appreciated



  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    The answer is that the sync to Mobile/Web has been broken for USAA since they changed over from to their new system.  There isn't anything you can do to make it work.  You will have to wait until they fix it:
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
  • Marcus-S
    Marcus-S Member ✭✭
    @Chris_QPW Frustrating to see new features emerge when the basics need attention first. I'm still frustrated (after a decade using the product) that when reconciling the program isn't yet smart enough to spot a scheduled item that is within 5-10% of the cleared item and to ask if they should be merged. Crazy this seems so simple to me.
  • ritamaeyoung
    ritamaeyoung Member
    Do we have any estimate on when the USAA and Quicken Mobile will sync? How will we be notified?
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