Allow QuickFill rules based on just Categories

I have been working with QuickFill Rules, but you need to enter a payee. I have several situations where I have transactions from several payees (i.e. restaurant names) being assigned to a category called "Restaurants". I want to be able to create a Rule that says: If "Restaurants" is the Category, then assign a Tag 'Monthly Discretionary". I do not want to have to enter this for every payee.
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  • jacobs
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    I understand your request, but it would require a pretty significant revision to the way rules currently work, since all rules are based on a Payee name. Any attributes of a transactions -- from category to transfer to memo to tag to splits to amount to splits -- can be stored in a QuickFill rule and applied when a transaction from a particular Payee is entered or downloaded. Your request is asking for a two-pass system which first applies the QuickFill rule for the Payee, and then applies a some second type of rule based on category so you could assign a tag based on the category. As you can imagine, this could get pretty complicated: if there were a second-level rules are added, users might want other options, such as setting a category based on a tag or memo based on amount; rules could override other rules.

    In that the developers have previously turned down a somewhat frequent request to allow existing QuickFill rules to be account-specific -- because of its complexity -- I think it's a pretty long shot for them to implement this request. It's fine that you submitted it, and that other users can vote for it if they would find it useful. Meanwhile, you might want to look for other ways to achieve what you're looking to accomplish.

    My first thought is how much time it would take to actually create the QuickFill rules for each restaurant. It may seem daunting, and I don't know how many restaurants you visit in a month: 7? 10? 20? If you allowed Quicken to create a QuickFill rule for each restaurant, could you get most of the rules you need created after a couple months? I know it's not as elegant and all-encompassing a solution as the idea you proposed, but you might find it would only take a short time to set up and you could achieve the tag-based report you want right now.

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