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10% or 20%?

Ok, first, this is not a big thing but it is kind of vexing. That is, I get on the Quicken website today to look at getting one of the available programs. I see they're running a 20% discount on the Deluxe downloadable version for MAC. Great, sounds good, just what I'd like. So, I enter (warily) my CC data, information, etc., and hit enter. I'm then taken back to the original screen which says that the 20% sale is now 10%! What's THAT all about? And, naturally, in this age of eternal scamming and such, I wonder what might have happened to the CC data I entered. So, what is that all about? And do I still "subscribe" to the Quicken software?


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    You didn't provide the link to substantiate your claim ... but I'd wager that the 20% discount is for NEW USERS ONLY.
    BTW, you MAY well have provided info to a scam site ... but, again, since you didn't provide the link we can't investigate that.
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