Capital One Bill Pay Integration

I understand that Quicken already has support for Capital One in Bill Pay but it currently has a problem which a few users have posted topics for and has been documented here:

(It would seem my account is to new to allow me to post a hyperlink.)

I am creating this post simply in hopes of attracting other users who would also like to use Capital One Bill Pay and potentially get enough interest from the community via votes on the topic to encourage movement on this older bug.
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    Hi "Will B."

    First, I would like to welcome you to the Quicken Community.  You'll find that the vast majority of us are Quicken users - just like you, although there are also a number of  Quicken employees who closely monitor activity, post official communications, and participate in certain discussions.  Many of the Quicken users are experienced, long-time users who come here to discuss issues and also help fellow users with their questions, problems, and issues.

    I am not sure how experienced you are as a Quicken user, but since you are new to the community, you should understand that as far as the community goes, it is pretty much all about helping users.  Most times, the problems relate to how to fix a problem someone has.  Many times, it has to do with folks not understanding how to use the application, or not using it correctly. There are also folks reporting that Quicken is not acting in the way that they're used to, asking whether others are seeing the same thing they are, and asking how to fix things.

    The "Alerts & Known Product Issues" area is where the Quicken employees report on problems they are seeing and/or working on.  Many times these posts are related to specific financial institutions that are having connection problems.  This is always a good place to start if you are seeing different behavior, especially with downloading transactions or making payments, etc.

    I don't know exactly whether a "bug" may, or may not be involved with the Capital One bill payment process, not only because I don't use that process, but also because I am not sure what the "bug' might be. That word seems to mean a lot of different things to different people and some folks throw it around a lot, for some reason.  Personally, I pretty much don't use it at all.

    So I can't up-vote your above "idea post" but just wanted to welcome you.


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