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Bill Added Waiting for Update

This discussion was created from comments split from: Quick Pay not allowing future payments.


  • streetdoc
    streetdoc Member
    I am using Quicken Premier for windows subscription and am having all the same problems listed above. It doesn't matter if I have received an electronic bill or not, or a paper bill. Clicking on "refresh" in the QuickPay drop down doesn't work - just says "biller added and waiting for update:. Too bad I've been waiting for the update and now the time is too short to snail mail the hill. Sometimes I can set a future pay date by QuickPay and the next time I can't. Not always the same biller either. Does anyone at Quicken know that this is a HUGE problem? Does anyone at Quicken even have a solution? So far I have just capitulated and pay bills very early when I get them. This problem has left me very frustrated.
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    How about giving us the names of some of the billers so that the Quicken Community moderators can take a closer look. They might know if there's a current issue with some of the billers or if that's a new problem requiring follow-up.

    Avoid late fees and penalty interest rates!

    If you're about to be late with making your payment due to failures in Quicken Bill Manager (Quick Pay or Check Pay), I recommend you logon directly to the biller's website and authorize them to direct debit the next (and perhaps all future) payments from your checking account or a credit card. The biller will make an electronic debit on the due date and you don't have to worry about being late. Just record a scheduled reminder that is not an online payment into your account register on or before the Due Date and before you download transactions from the bank or credit card containing the debit transaction. That will allow Quicken to match your register transaction to the downloaded data and not cause any further issues.

  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    streetdoc said:
    Does anyone at Quicken even have a solution?
    I have a simple solution don't use Quicken bill pay, do whatever it takes to use some other system that works.

    For years I tried to use what they called online bills which is the bill presentment part of Quicken bill pay which predates it by many years.  And for some builders it would never work right others sometimes sometimes not.  This is just the nature of this web scraping kind of technology that the third party is using.

    Personally my solution is like @UKR suggested.
    Almost every bill I have is set up to be automatically paid for my credit card or if they don't take credit card like in the utility bills from my checking account.

    In a way this is exactly what Quicken bill pay is trying to do.  The major difference is that you would be a human logging in to the biller's website and setting things up not some script that can't allow for changes or differences between whatever happened this day and that day.

    I've been doing this for over 20 years and have never had a problem.

    Another way of going at it would be to find a financial institution that allow you to pay through their bill system using direct connect.

    Barring those two, the financial institutions almost all have their own web bill paying systems that you can use.  Sure you might have to do a double entry for like a reminder in the actual bill on the bill system but is there any comparison to the frustration you're now see experiencing or having late fees and wrecked credit scores?
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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