Downloads are all giving me an ol362a error code . Why

Downloads are all giving me an ol362a error code . This started last week with 4 different brokerage accounts.
Any clues why?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    This FAQ here:
    attributes this to your account information being "out of sync" (whatever that means) with the financial institution and states the only cure is to deactivate and reactivate all the affected accounts.
    If you have multiple accounts with one or more of the brokers make sure to deactivate them all before going through and reactivating them.
    I'd suggest also making sure that the downloaded transactions are not automatically entered into the transactions list.  That way they will all be in one place - the downloaded transactions window - where the inevitable duplicate transactions can be eliminated.
  • marc G
    marc G Member
    Thanks, 3 out of 5 accounts now are working. Wells fargo and vanguard still seem to have issues. Also, I typically only accept transactions that affect share balance and not interest or dividend transactions. These remain downloaded but unentered. Being a long-term Quicken user, there are hundreds of entries that I cannot get rid of easily. It seems each has to be deleted manually. Do you know any short cuts to clean up these old downloads?
  • dbaggette
    dbaggette Member
    Having the same problem. Started Mar 29.
  • Joe McNamara
    Joe McNamara Member
    Vanguard continues to error. I was advised by Vanguard that my account had been suspended due to too many password errors. I reset with new password and, again yesterday, error occurred with download. I just logged in directly and had no issues with direct to Vanguard access.