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I am using Quicken for Mac I think 2019. I have noticed on the one credit card it is not showing the -balance in red, it is in black. I notice when I pay the credit card balance it doesn't show zero balance. How can I correct that. The other credit card is showing it in red like it should. When I pay it, it goes back to zero.


  • jacobs
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    @absaroka  It's hard to diagnose based on the information you provided. Did this just start recently? You need to dig into your register for the account which is showing a positive balance. I suggest going back in time a bit to when the balance was negative, then start moving forward to see if you see something unusual. Perhaps a payment that's entered twice? Did you reconcile this account when you paid your last statement, and was it okay then? That would help you narrow the time range to something recent.
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  • volvogirl
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    Usually If the balance is in Black, it means you have a credit on the card.  Like if you overpaid the bill or got a refund for something you returned.   When you enter a charge it will reduce (decrease) the credit you have available on it.   And a payment will increase the balance.  First make sure the register is sorted in DATE order and not filtered.   And that the starting balance hasn't changed.   
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