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Right now in Quicken, you can only select the asset class of securities (Canadian Stocks, US Stocks, etc). This list is incomplete (missing, for example, small and mid cap stocks.

Also, no where in Quicken can you select for securities the sector they belong to. There are 11 sectors commonly used in the investing world and they are listed here:

My recommendation however is to do the following:

1) Change the current "asset class" section to make it modifiable by the user

2) Add a "sector" option for securities and also make this modifiable by the user.

This way you can perform appropriate asset mix analysis by country, asset type (stocks, bonds etc) and by sector.
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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Asset Classes are already customizable in the US Subscription version. Quicken has added 10 undefined classes that the user can set. That feature will probably trickle down to the Canadian version eventually.

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  • Chris11
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    Thats good but that still leaves the sector issue outstanding and needing to be addressed.
  • Jim_Harman
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    You really want the sectors to be a separate "dimension" from the asset classes, right?

    How would you like Quicken handle securities like mutual funds that hold multiple sectors?

    Also please note that Quicken US Premier and up provides a Morningstar X-Ray view that provides a sector analysis of your holdings.
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  • Chris11
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    Nice that Quicken US has these features. Makes me wonder what I'm paying for up here in Canada.

    The asset class and sectors are different. Asset class: stocks, bonds, money market. Sectors refer to area of business operations (real estate, industrials, tech)

    Right now for mutual funds you can allocate different percentages for different asset classes. I don't see why they couldn't have it so that you can do the same for sectors, if the user wants.