Order Savings Goals in the Planning view per users need (not Quicken's sort)

Please make it possible to drag up or down the Savings Goals in the Planning view to be in the order I need them.
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  • GeoffG
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    edited March 2021
    This has already been suggested.

    Savings Goals Sort — Quicken

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  • MarthaW
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    I agree that the Planning > Savings Goal page needs the capability to sort savings goals. I suggest multiple options: 1) alphabetically by goal name and 2) chronological by finish date. I made this same suggestion on the other comment thread. That one has more votes (31) but it would not allow me to add to those votes.
  • Jim_Harman
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    You can add to the vote count by clicking on the little up arrow under the vote count in the first post of the idea. If the arrow is very dim, you have already voted and if you click on it, your vote will be taken away. You can click again to add it back.
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