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Currently, only cash is displayed in the Project Balance, but it would be great to have a check mark or an option to also include active investments based on today's balance.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Could you clarify where you are talking about? The left sidebar shows the value of investment accounts, but does not include future transactions if you have the sidebar set to show projected balances. Is that what you're referring to? You want future investment transaction to show in the sidebar? 
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  • tomstader
    tomstader Member, Mac Beta Beta
    Great question, Jacobs.  I had a long conversation with Quicken Support regarding this.  Firstly, I'm talking about Quicken for Mac, but I will reference Quicken for Windows briefly below.

    1) I am not talking about the sidebar.  The sidebar is near perfect.  :-)

    2) I am speaking specifically about the Projected Balance in the Bills & Income tab.  This only adds "cash" accounts, and not investments.  For example, checking and savings accounts are included in the totals, the cash within a brokerage account is included, but the actual current balance within a brokerage account (cash + investments) is not.  This stumped me for months because my projected balance was missing 40% of my total net worth.  The support guy was even stumped and had me export my data and import it back into a new file to try and "fix" this.  Super nice guy, very helpful.  But, what we learned was this Projected Balance was not including the investments (stocks, mutual funds, whatever) into the total.  This, in its current form, is completely unintuitive, and is a "bug."  There are two obvious solutions, one dead simple and should at a minimum be included in a future update, and the next would be in my opinion the right thing to do.

    Solution 1: Do what happens in Quicken for Windows.  I can only reference this because this is what I heard from the Support Guy, but on Quicken for Windows it clearly states, this only includes "cash."  Sure, that isn't what I'm looking for, nor what most people would be looking for, but it is at least not a bug.  Again, in its current form it's clearly a bug.  This would fix this.

    Solution 2: Make some kind of a check box that allows investments (and whatever other non-cash assets) to be included in the total Projected Balance.  I understand that the Projected Balance would be based on your assets current value.

    Alrighty.  Does this make sense?  Maybe I'm missing something, I might be....

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Ah, now I understand; thanks for explaining that you're referring specifically to the Bills & Income page.

    I can't speak for the developers' thinking, but to me, it makes sense for this area of the program to only consider cash and not to include all assets and liabilities. This section of the program is designed to help users pay their bills and plan for bill payments -- and to me, it makes sense to be based on cash. I'm not sure how it would be helpful to have this screen show your entire net worth in planning your bill payments. Wouldn't you be annoyed if you suddenly found you had to sell securities in order to pay this month's bills because you didn't realize you were nearly out of cash? Selling investments is something which ought to be considered with a broader view of timing, gains/losses, tax ramifications, etc.

    The sidebar, which is nearly always visible, gives you a glimpse of your overall net worth. I'm not sure why you'd need the same value showing on the Bills & Income page. Isn't it actually useful to be able to see both your overall holdings on the left and your current/future cash on the Bills & Income page, instead of seeing one number in both places? 
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  • tomstader
    tomstader Member, Mac Beta Beta
    Well, I think it's confusing, but those are my thoughts.  I'd recommend communicating what it actually is, especially when selecting non-cash accounts.  :-)
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Speaking only from my opinion and as a Windows user, I believe that the Projected Balance graph is for "cash flow".
    As in if I have a payment due to pay my credit card account from my checking account, I want to make sure I have enough in the checking account so that it will not be overdrawn.

    Having "security" values doesn't make any sense.

    If you want "net worth" then that is the kind of report you should be looking at.
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  • tomstader
    tomstader Member, Mac Beta Beta
    I can see both of your points. 
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