New Online Biller issue - need advice

I have two Chase accounts. One was overdue for an online bill update so I used Refresh Biller. Its asked me to re-verify with 2 step authorization and I did. As expected and seen previously, it resynced the account and I saw the "Needs Attention" on that account and did "Try Again". Now the account properly showed the upcoming bill. All good so far.

The other Chase account was now unlinked from a Reminder. I tried to relink and it wanted a similar but scaled down verification. No worries. BUT, once done, the Online Bill showed a bill already scheduled to be paid by my bank.

Now I have seen this before and gotten myself into a loop of trouble. Options seem to be:
  1. If I enter this, it schedules the bill to be paid TWICE. Removing one from the register causes mayhem and throws Reminders and Billers way out of sync.
  2. I have NOT tried Ignore or Skip this instance and do not know how that would affect the already scheduled and not yet cleared payment.
  3. I have NOT tried Mark as Paid as above.

Hopefully this all makes sense. And what is the BEST thing to do so I do not make things worse and will be back in sync on this bill?



  • Bob.
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    Just noticed part of the problem. The account in Online Bills shows a different name! So now more confused as to the proper solution as the Due Bill does not match the name of either the paid (scheduled) bill nor the Reminder.

    So it seems its possible that Rename might fix it or Unlinking and Relinking? Likely have to make a backup and try both.

    Seems part of the cause was having to reverfiy at Chase and having two accounts there so the first is fine and the second handled differently.

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    OK, getting worse.

    I renamed to the previous name and Linked to Reminder. It said it linked, but the option to Link to Reminder remained. In other words, there was no Unlink Form Reminder.

    I Refreshed Biller. Said waiting on Next Bill, still showed the Link to Reminder option.

    I removed the Online Biller, then Re-added. It found the proper account, but with a generic name - in other words, not the name that Quicken has know the account by in the Register, in Paid Bills, in Reminders, etc.

    So now shows the Generic Chase account name (as I noticed earlier today) shows the option to Link to Reminder, shows properly in Reminders.

    Not sure what to do....

    OK, more.

    I set Online Billers to show 90 days. The proper bill comes up for May and onward but unlinked (as a manual bill) . It uses the proper name and dates!

    This leads me to believe I should link the future to the Reminder, then do something with the existing incorrect - either Mark as Paid or Skip.

    Any insight into which?

    OK. Linking now to the proper bill and Reminder....It will not link:(

    I Validated Online Billers and one not on the server has been removed - the generic. Will try relinking again...

    Did not work. Out of ideas and its become a problem. A wrong online biller showing it is linked, the correct one showing it is not linked and now way to link or unlink either.

    OK, checked the OTHER Chase account which was working and it was unlinked. Relinked that, now no history, just awaiting next bill.

    Trying to link the one Chase account that started the errors now.

    Chase found both accounts. Added both. Both have the proper names. Both are properly linked. Worng dates etc.

    Validate, both removed from the server!!

    Trying to link one and back to contacting Chase!

    A new dialog showing Biller Added and Linked, but no OK button, etc. Closed it. Now one Reminder missing, bit Bills are manual and cannot be linked.

    Beside myself.... Maybe sleep. Would really appreciate help out of this one.
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    OK, lost a lot of sleep on this. In the light of day, seemed perhaps part of the issue is I have two accounts at Chase. So I decided to remove both and remove both reminders (only one was left). I did. Then closed and reopened Quicken, did an OSU.

    An Online Biller simply CHASE with no account info popped up (after I thought all Online and Manual Billers and Reminders for Chase were deleted). This one seemed like it might be linked as it was an Online Bill, not a Manual. There was no reminder. I deleted this Online Biller and closed Quicken.

    There should no longer be any Chase Online or Manual billers or reminders except for a reminder for a scheduled payment 4/8 on one of the Chase accounts.

    Plan next is to reopen, do an OSU, readd Online Billers, create new Reminders and pray. No idea what else to do. So, will report.

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    OK, hope this is helping someone with similar issues :)

    After deleting the reminders and online billers for Chase, then readding the billers and creating new reminders all looks good again with one exception:  The Online bills show the ones already scheduled to be paid by my bank this month.
    Am I better to "Mark as Paid" or "Skip this One" for both to get back in sync? I do not understand the benefit of each of these choices.


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    OK, trying to think this through, they ARE in effect Paid as they had been previously scheduled to pay and my bank has the instructions to pay. S Mark as Paid seems to be the more appropriate choice rather than Skipping, since it has not been skipped, just previously paid. That is what I will try to hopefully get all back on track.

    And to note, this started when an Online Bill was not coming in when it should and hitting Refresh Biller which went into a new verification loop. And perhaps if I only had one account at Chase, it might not have become as bad as it did.

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    OK, Mark as Paid seems to have the desired results with one exception. Marking the April payments as paid caused the Reminders to skip the May reminders and go to the June reminders. So I had to change the reminders back one month. That should not happen. And I have seen when it does, the change back a month may not stay. Will see.