Problem Connecting with Synchrony Bank credit cards

Note: this post is NOT about the Amazon Store Card, which has its own Express Web Connect address. It's about brand credit cards that are managed by Synchrony Bank.

Chevron and Union 76 (and possibly other companies) moved their credit cards in mid-March 2021 to management by Synchrony Bank. As of two weeks later, Quicken still does not recognize this change. To connect my Chevon account to Express Web Connect, Quicken still sends me to the old address, which is no longer usable. For Union 76, it doesn't even make an Express Web Connection site available.

Someone posted elsewhere in the Community about their workaround for their Chevron Card, and it's genius. I'm re-posting it here under the Synchrony Bank title so others also can be helped by it.

Synchrony Bank uses a single sign-in for their managed cards, and apparently Guitar Center is one of them. So when attempting to connect a Synchrony Bank-managed credit card (again, NOT the Amazon Store card--that's different) to Express Web Connect, choose Guitar Center Credit Card as the financial institution. It should then offer to either add or link all your Synchrony Bank accounts. If you have more than one, be sure to connect each one to the correct account within Quicken.

The only problem is that the financial institution for those cards will appear as "Guitar Center Credit Card." But hey, it works! I'm submitting a trouble ticket to Quicken and hopefully they'll fix this.