Inv. Amt value for linked investment account is displayed way to the right of the Inv. Amt column.

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On Quicken R32.10.
The investment amounts for investment accounts show the investment amounts under the Inv. Amt column until the transaction line is selected.
If a transaction is highlighted by selection, the transaction becomes a 2 line display and the investment amount is moved way to the right of the the Inv. Amt. column.  If any column width is adjusted in the register, the investment amount moves correctly under the column, but only for that transaction display, and the corrected display is not remembered.
There is no horizontal scroll bar even though the transaction is partially off the display screen.

Any suggestions to get investment amounts to properly display under the Inv. Amt column for linked investment accounts when the transaction is selected?

Deluxe R49.33., Windows 10 Pro


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    I have noticed that the investment amount is the last column in the linked investment register and aligns to the Quicken window size instead of the Inv. Amt column. This could be some of the problem.

    Deluxe R49.33., Windows 10 Pro

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    Are you using a 1-line per transaction investment list view? Does the issue look like this, when you select a transaction and it switches to 2-line view for the transaction?
    Looks to me like a minor column alignment issue between 1- and 2-line displays which a programmer should fix.
    BTW, the same alignment issue exists when the investment register is set to 2-line mode.
  • leishirsute
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    I am using a 1-line per transaction.
    For DIVX transactions in linked account, it displays like this.
    The amount does not display and there is no horizontal scroll bar:

    If I adjust any of the column widths in the register, the display becomes:

    If I enlarge the window width, the display becomes:

    At first, I thought this issue was related only to DIVX transactions, but actual investment purchase transactions also display this behavior and once again, no horizontal scroll bar:

    This appears to only happen with linked accounts.  The register columns for this type account does not have  Cash Amt and Cash Balance columns, so Inv. Amt is the last column, and it looks like the missing columns have affected display calculations.

    Deluxe R49.33., Windows 10 Pro

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