Quicken stopped working

OK, I went to use Quicken last night and it wouldn't start. The following things happen-

- The red Quicken box opens

- The data file password box opens

- A quicken window opens. This has Quicken in the top bar and the File and Help menu items below it. Neither of these do anything if you click on them

- After about 30 seconds the whole box closes and goes away

I figured something was corrupted, so I copied my data file to a backup folder. I then uninstalled and re-installed Quicken. The same thing happens

This morning I called tech support. He had me install it again. No help. He then had me download and install what he called the "Mondo" patch. It's name was QW27.1.52.10MPatch. As it was taking a while to download due to poor internent in my area of the mountains. He said to install it and re-start Quicken and it should work. Guess what, it didn't work....

I called back and the next tech had me downloand and reinstall Quicken. I did that and it still didn't work. He then had me disable my antivius and firewall (both have been their for a long time). No difference. He then out me on hold and when he came back he said their was nothing they could do. My problem was my low bandwidth.

Well, I'm traveling and sitting in a hotel with plenty of bandwidth. Guess what, it still doesn't work. So, we have eliminated low bandwidth and tech support is closed. I will be traveling out of the country for the next two weeks with no phone service, but I will have internet so I can check back here.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • Tim5055
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    I guess I should add, Quicken Premier subscription on a Windows 10 laptop.
  • Sherlock
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    Before restoring a Quicken file backup (or opening an earlier version of a Quicken file), I suggest deleting the Quicken Cloud dataset (aka cloud account) associated with the Quicken file.  Note: You need to open another Quicken file to delete the appropriate cloud account.  You may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-edit-or-delete-your-cloud-datasets-quicken-windows

    The other Quicken file needs to have a distinct file identifier so that we may delete the cloud account associated with the original Quicken file.  For example, you may create a new Quicken file (select File > New Quicken File...) without any accounts and enable sync in preferences so you may view and delete the cloud account associated with the original Quicken file. 

    This is necessary because when we open or restore an another version of the Quicken file with the same file identifier, Quicken is not resetting the cloud account appropriately at this time.  I hope they will let us know when they have addressed this issue but, for now, before opening another Quicken file that has the same file identifier embedded, delete the cloud account.  

    Note: Only File > New Quicken File... generates a distinct file identifier.  All other forms of creating a Quicken file, copy the embedded identifier from another file.