Reconciling Prior months in an account

I am trying to reconcile a checking account from last September, and going forward to March of this year, but when I go to reconcile that account, it only gives me the ending balance for January 31, 2021, and there are no transactions showing to reconcile. The page is blank, except for the ending balance and the difference at the top, which is substantial, is way too much to just enter an adjustment. There doesn't seem to be any way to adjust the date or balances as shown on the bank statement, like there is for credit card accounts. Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix. Thank you.


  • Sherlock
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    If you haven't already, I suggest you uncheck Reconcile using online balance on the Online Services tab of the Account Details window: open the register and press Ctrl + Shift + E
  • Silly question possibly, but where am I finding the online services tab of the account details window? New user to Quicken for Mac. Sorry, forgot to mention I am on a Mac.
  • Sherlock
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    If you're using Quicken of Mac, I suggest you post your queries to a category under Quicken for Mac not Quicken for Windows.
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    I've asked the Mods to move this thread to a QMac forum ... instead of this QWin forum.  Sherlocks's reply wad oriented to QWin and the QMac replies will differ.
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  • I am using a MacBook Air and am trying to reconcile several
    Past months. But the reconciliation window comes up only with a balance as of January 31, 2021 without any transactions showing and no way to adjust the dates. Any thoughts? Thank you.
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