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Will this problem be fixed very soon...I have not been able to sync data with PNC bank for approx 6 months. Same issue every time CC-502. PNC says its Quicken issue not theirs. Quicken appears lost in fixing this issue. Now they want me to "re-up" for $79 a year with this problem still happening. I don't think think so. Fix it by the end of the month or I am gone forever!


  • Daveshomes
    Daveshomes Member
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  • edwardwalsh62_1
    edwardwalsh62_1 Member ✭✭
    Problem persists from 1st quarter of 2020 till now 4/10/21. I've researched and responded to all the "cures" offered online by Quicken (none offered by PNC) without success - even additional malfunctions. Since my Discoverbank/card accounts function well, I'm sticking with - possibly changing to Discover.
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