How do you TALK to a techie?

What do you mean by Body is required?


  • Lou Sidoni
    Lou Sidoni Member
    I need to talk to someone, your instructions are not understandable
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    How do you talk to a techie? Very politely with lots of jargon. :)
    The term "body" dates back to email. Every email has a header section and a body section. The body is the actual message. The headers supply additional information, like To:, From:, and Subject:
    In this forum, each post has 2 parts: the subject or title, which in your first post is "How do a TALK to a techie?", and the body, which in your first post is "What do you mean by Body is required?" The body is required; otherwise your post would be empty.
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  • Lou Sidoni
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    I solved the problem.
  • NotACPA
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    And, BTW, All of the SuperUsers, and Moderators on this forum are quite technical.  I was in systems for 40 years before I retired.
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