Target credit card transactions unable to import, error OL-221-A

I debugged an issue with my Quicken import and wanted to pass along my findings so that it can be fixed.

I have been having trouble exporting my transactions from the Target website in QFX format and importing into Quicken. Quicken keeps giving me a "Quicken is unable to complete your request (OL-221-A)" error. This has been going on for at least a week. I do not know if exports worked correctly before then because I only started trying a week ago. The Quicken connection log said "Not all required fields present. Object: CCSTMTRS missing tag: LEDGERBAL", which didn't make sense because the LEDGERBAL field was present and in the correct format. That led me to think that the XML was malformed somewhere before that point. So I started experimenting with removing parts of the QFX file until I got something that would import. I was reliably able to fix the problem by deleting empty REFNUM tags, which appeared in payment transactions: "<REFNUM></REFNUM>". At first I tried converting them to a self-closing tag ("<REFNUM />"), but that didn't import either. The issue appears to be the lack of a value in that field. For the Target transactions, the credit transactions have a value in that field, but in payment transactions it didn't.

I am using Quicken Deluxe version R32.10 on Windows 10, Build

I have notified Target so that hopefully they update their systems to omit empty fields. However, I am also notifying Quicken because the software should more fault-tolerant than that. Plus, other people may run into the same issue, and it is easy to fix once you know what the solution is.


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