Monthly deposit for the 25th

I get my retirement check once a month on the 25th unless the 25th is on the weekend. I then get it on the business day before the weekend.(usually on the Friday before). It would be helpful if Quicken had a way of to select setting it up to automatically change to the Friday before if the date falls on the weekend or Holiday. Now I have to go in and change it manually. (which is not really that hard to do)

Just a thought.
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  • NotACPA
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    As I understand it, the basic problem with implementing your idea is that while Q knows (or, certainly CAN know) about weekends ... it doesn't, and can't know about all the various banking holidays ... some of which are specific to certain states.
    California, for example, used to observe "Admission Day" as a state banking holiday.  And it usually fell in the same week as Labor Day, which resulted in HELL for those of us in check processing ...  because all of the stores were  open on  both days and they were massive shopping days.
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    kooler78 said:
    I get my retirement check once a month on the 25th unless the 25th is on the weekend.
    I would just set up a Reminder deposit for a few days earlier - like the 20th -
    and with One Step Update downloads - it should just Match and Clear when it physically happens....
    Unless you are doing all of this manually - which wouldn't make a difference -

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  • volvogirl
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    I enter everything manually.  As long as the date is in the same month it shouldn't make a difference if your entry is a day or two different.  My pension is for the 1st of the month but always comes a day or two early in the prior month.  So when I manually enter it I enter it on the first so my tax reports at the end of the year are right and include the right months.  Just makes my checking account reconciliation off.  Always have to subtract out the pension payments from the bank balance to match my checkbook.  
  • Chris_QPW
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    Actually there is a current setting for this, but it doesn't work with "zero days".  It does work with 1 day in advanced.

    Notice that the reminder is for Sunday the 11th, but is showing due today (Friday).  So it indeed "bumped up" the reminder so that is wasn't on the weekend.

    Ideally I would want to set this 10th with zero days in advanced, and have it due today (the 9th), but that didn't work (looks like a bug to me).

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