Unable to edit or delete automatically generated reminders

I just switched to Windows from the Mac version and am super disappointed so far. The Windows Subscription version. I'm on Version R32.12. Quicken seems to keep creating reminders that I can't edit or delete. It's things like paychecks and monthly bills that can change amounts or dates over time. When I go to the gear in the register, itgives me options to Edit all instances of this reminder and Delete all instances of this reminder. Edit does nothing and if I click Delete it pops up an error that says "Could not delete item."

If I look at the reminders in the Bill and Income reminders, the Action column shows (Auto) Edit Skip. Edit and Skip have no effect. How do I get rid of these or match them up to existing transactions so I can see my actual account projection? On the Mac it was easy, since I could just click and drag to match transactions.


  • sbh
    sbh Member
    Nevermind. That was in the corrupted version of my transactions that I pulled over from the Mac. I have now deleted that file so Quicken will quit opening it automatically and frustrating me :blush: