Streamline Attachment Scanning and Saving

Would love to streamline the process of scanning an attachment to a transaction. I recommend a setting to define a default source for attachments (File, Scanner, or Clipboard), a setting to define a default scanner (if that is your default source) and a setting to select the default location where you want to save the attachment (Cloud and PC, Cloud only, PC only). These 3 new default settings for attachments could save 7 clicks for each attachment. This could make the process much faster and easier!

The new process could then be only 4 clicks:
1. Select add and attachment (the paper clip)
2. Select "Scan"
3. Select "Done"
4. Save the transaction

I only have 1 scanner but it uses multiple drivers and each driver shows up as a scanner in the list so I have to make the same selection each time. Personally, I don't need or want my attachments in the cloud so I have to delete each attachment from the cloud after every scan.

Currently it takes me 11 clicks for every attachment:
1. Select add an attachment (the paper clip)
2. Select "Add"
3. Select "Add from scanner..."
4. Select the scanner to use from a list
5. Select "Scan"
6. Select the Cloud Icon
7. Select "Delete from cloud only"
8. Answer the question "Are you sure you want to delete this attachment?" by selecting "Yes"
9. Select "OK" for the successfully deleted from the cloud message
10. Select "Done"
11. Save the transaction
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  • Frito
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    edited July 2021
  • dsandstedt
    dsandstedt Unconfirmed, Member
    this would be a great time saver.. has always had a issue with this.
  • mech259
    mech259 Member
    Why did you do away with attachment paper clip icon?