What happened to the functional renaming rule dialog (WIN)?

In the good old days of maybe a year or so ago, I saw a dialog for "Add a Renaming Rule" that made sense and was fully functional. Now I see a dialog with two fields: "Change payee to" and "Quicken will rename the downloaded payee."

Besides the fact that the meaning of those two field labels are pretty much the same thing, the second one is actually the "If Quicken name is" criterion that one sees when viewing the rule after creation (i.e., the name Quicken would suggest from its database of vendor names). I can get over a bad field label, but more importantly, there is no opportunity here to base the rule on "if payee contains" text, which is what all of my rules use since I don't let Quicken automatically apply its suggested name. The only way to create a payee text match based rule is via the following non-intuitive and circuitous path:
- Use the first field ("Change payee to") for how you want the downloaded payee renamed;
- use the second field ("Quicken will rename the downloaded payee") for the downloaded text on which you want to match;
- click "OK";
- expand the rule in the "Renaming Rules" dialog;
- click "If Quicken name is," which magically becomes a dropdown menu, where you can select "If payee contains."

Note that none of the local or Web-based Quicken Help nor support forum articles reflect this unwanted change -- everything refers to the old dialog that made sense.

Running current (32.12) subscription version on Windows 10.


  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @Dogman

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to provide us with your feedback, although I apologize for any frustration that changes to the program have caused.

    I did search the database and did locate an out-of-date article and went and ahead reported this. I did locate accurate steps in the in-program help. Those are available here.

    I cannot provide any insight as to why there were changes, however as there are documented steps it would appear that this change was intentional. If you have not done so already, I would recommend navigating to Help > Report a Problem to provide your feedback through this channel as well.

    If you come across any other out-of-date information you can post it here and we will get it reported. 

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • Dogman
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    Hi @Quicken_Tyka ,

    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, the "accurate steps" you point to describe the old dialog, not the one that I am reporting as problematic, hence are not accurate in the current version. Steps 1-3 under "From the Renaming Rules dialog" are accurate, but step 4 refers to a dropdown that does not exist in the dialog. The ability to choose between "payee contains" and "quicken name is" is not available until after the rule has been saved, after which one has to expand the new rule then guess that clicking "If Quicken name is" will produce the "If payee contains" alternative. It is this convoluted path that is not documented anywhere. I'm also having a hard time imagining this change was intentional since the second field in the dialog is (a) only for the Quicken name criterion and (b) is mislabeled.

    I tried to attach an image to my original post but was unsuccessful. Will try again.


  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @Dogman

    Thank you for the clarification and the screenshot.

    The option to choose "If Quicken name is" and "If Payee Contains" become available once the Add a Renaming Rule box is filled out.

    This is detailed in step two of the steps:
    1. Click Add a Rule at the bottom of the Renaming Rules dialog.
    2. In the Change payee to the field, enter or edit the name you want to use for the payee. In other words, the name you want to change similar payees to.
    3. In the drop-down, select Payee contains or Quicken name is to specify the type of renaming rule to create.
      I can see how the initial Renaming Rule dialogue box is confusing and how this information could be helpful to know beforehand. I would still recommend navigating to Help > Report a Problem to provide your feedback to the development team.

      I hope this helps to clarify!

      -Quicken Tyka
    4. Dogman
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      @Quicken_Tyka , I'm sorry, but it would require a huge stretch of the imagination to say that the necessary steps are detailed in any way, shape, or form. A numbered list represents a set of *sequential* steps that, when followed, produce a certain result. In the three steps you show, there are about six missing steps required to get from your step 2 (name the rule) to your step 3 (change the rule type). To get from your step 2 to what shows in your screenshot, you would first need to take the following steps:
      1. Add some text to the mislabled "Quicken will rename the downloaded payee" field.
      2. Click the OK button.
      3. In the "Renaming Rules" dialog, click the triangle to expand the newly-created rule.
      4. Click the text "If Quicken name is" (it is most certainly NOT yet a drop-down).
      5. Click the drop-down indicator to expose the other choice.
      6. Select "If payee contains."

      IMO, this is clearly a bug because the procedure one has to use now makes no sense (not to mention the mislabled and unexplained second field in the "Add a rule" dialog. Might as well close this discussion because if there is no acknowledgement that something is broken and the only responses from Q are quotes of inaccurate documentation, there isn't much sense in continuing.
    5. Snowdoggirl
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      I could not agree with you more. I just restarted my subscription and have spent the last 45 minutes reading useless help articles that don't explain WHY they change a perfectly useful and concise dialog for renaming rules to an obtuse and ludicrous replacement.
    6. oldngrmpy1
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      The renaming rule requirements were changed, and the new one is awful. Why was it changed, as the old one worked perfectly. Now it's an act of Congress to get a Renaming rule that works for certain circumstances!
    7. GermanBlueRam
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      The recent renaming-rule changes were not helpful. As noted earlier, Quicken should fix the absurdly confusing "Add a Rule" dialog, among other things.
      Quicken for Windows subscription. Quicken user since 1990.
    8. K&B
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      Another in total agreement here, was a Q user for many years, dropped off for a while, now back and very UNIMPRESSED!! :/
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