State Farm Official Response to Quicken

I finally got in touch with someone at StateFarm about Bill Pay. Here is their official response:

I am responding to your inquiry regarding Quicken Personal Financial Management (PFM) software and access to State Farm customer data.

State Farm no longer allows third party sites like Quicken to access our data. As a result of evolving technology combined with added scrutiny of risk and security environments, State Farm decided the solution we previously had in place was no longer an optimal option to protect customer data. The ability for third party software to use customer credentials to log in on their behalf is not allowed. As an alternative, certain products will allow customers to manually download their information into a vendor’s software application. We understand Quicken still lists State Farm Bank® as a supported institution and are working with them to get their documentation updated.

At this time we are continuing to evaluate options to reengage with PFM vendors. We understand this decision has caused inconvenience, but we believe it’s an important step toward keeping personal information safe and secure.

Thank you for your feedback.

State Farm® | Digital Experience Team

I was told that if the other quicken members have concerns they should send an email to the following email to Michael L. Tipsord- [email protected] This is obviously a disappointing position by state farm.