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Is there any way to tell Quicken where to open new pop-up windows? I have an ultra-wide monitor and find it easist to keep Quicken on the left side of my screen. My browser is typically on the right. When I select the option to "update accounts", it pops up a little box exactly in the middle, assuming that I'm running Quicken and only Quicken and in full-screen mode. Next the actual connectivity status page comes up and for some reason it's shifted slightly further to the right over my other window. I can pretty easily grab the window title bar and slide it back to the left, but it doesn't rememer this, and since it's not popping up over the main Quicken window I'm not sure how it's choosing to take this particular action. Is there some config file I can edit to tell it where to launch these things, or some keypress that will tell it to memorize the then-current location?
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    I second that motion.
    These popups should center themselves within the Quicken window, not the entire screen.
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    I agree any dialog that pops up should be centered on the Quicken Window.
    What's more any dialog that can be resized should remember both its position and size.
    Note I make a difference between the resizable ones and not because there are going to a lot of dialog that are just a short "information/notice" and Quicken shouldn't have to remember the position of all of them.  But if a dialog/window can be resized it should always remember what size you set it to, and along with that goes naturally that you want the position saved too.

    EDIT Unless it would be "off screen" because a monitor is removed.
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