Need to add Search/Filter to "Tool" Menu Choices

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I have alot of accounts and have been using Quicken H&B for years.  It would be a great productivity feature for Quicken to add more Search/filter capabilities to many of it's Tools.

I see the Search feature was added to the Category List which I is great BUT it needs to be added to many of the other Tool Menu Choices:
1. Tool>Account List
     1.  Also add the filter to Account list that is displayed on on left side of screen - so only filter accounts are shown.  Would help when working with a particular set of accounts.
2. Tool>Calendar
3. Tool>Bill and Income Reminders -
   1.  also when changes or deletions made like it not to reset my position to the top.
4. Tool>Manage Hidden Accounts
5. Tool>Memorized Payee List - This important trying to manage payee's
6. Tool>Address Book- This one very important too.
7. Tool>Password Vault

I would also have Search/Save Filters for Reports.

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