Need to add Search/Filter to "Tool" Menu Choices

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I have alot of accounts and have been using Quicken H&B for years.  It would be a great productivity feature for Quicken to add more Search/filter capabilities to many of it's Tools.

I see the Search feature was added to the Category List which I is great BUT it needs to be added to many of the other Tool Menu Choices:
1. Tool>Account List
     1.  Also add the filter to Account list that is displayed on on left side of screen - so only filter accounts are shown.  Would help when working with a particular set of accounts.
2. Tool>Calendar
3. Tool>Bill and Income Reminders -
   1.  also when changes or deletions made like it not to reset my position to the top.
4. Tool>Manage Hidden Accounts
5. Tool>Memorized Payee List - This important trying to manage payee's
6. Tool>Address Book- This one very important too.
7. Tool>Password Vault

I would also have Search/Save Filters for Reports.

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    I would certainly agree, especially on the address list window. Having to scroll through hundreds of names seems pretty silly and laborious, especially when the search feature is available in the category list. Applying that functionality to all of Quicken's lists would really improve the user experience.