Why is it every time Quicken updates it changes memorized payee information?

Every time Quicken updates it changes my memorized payee information and i have to go through and adjust about 20 payees. Very much a pain!!


  • Boatnmaniac
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    When you edit your Memorize Payees, do you make sure the box is checked for Lock and leave payee unchanged when it it is edited in a register?
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Given the statement there are 20 payees being changed and after updating, I would bet that it isn't the "lock" that is the problem.  @wizzard Are you syncing to Mobile/Web?

    If so try turning that off for a while and see if the problem goes away.  If it is in fact the sync that is causing problems it isn't going to "care" if this payee is locked or not, because it a bug that it is changing it at all.
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  • Boatnmaniac
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    @wizzard - Would you also please clarify a couple of things?
    • When you say "Every time Quicken updates" are you meaning every time OSU is run or every time you update the program revision?
    • When you say "about 20 payees" are you meaning "a lot of payees but the quantity and the payees affected changes each time" or are you meaning that it is always the same "about 20 payees" that change each time?
    @Chris_QPW 's suggestion is a good one but I think it is still important to know whether or not locked Memorized Payees are changing.  There are several different potential causes of this issue, some that may be program related and some that may be user related that can be fixed by making some adjustments to Preferences and Memorized Payees settings.  Understanding more of what is specifically happening in your situation can really help is determining what the appropriate actions are that can resolve the issue.
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  • wizzard
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    The lock memorized payee button is checked. I am not syncing with mobile/web. It is happening now whenever i log in to Quicken (had only noticed it before after a version update). What is changing is the splits.....every time I use my debit card, my bank rounds up the amount to the next dollar and puts the difference into my savings account. I have this transfer set up in the splits for the payee, when i use the memorized payee the amount to transfer is still there but the Category (transfer to savings) is left blank. It does this on every memorized payee that I use the debit card on. Since this is the first line in the splits it is very noticeable in the memorized payee list.
  • Boatnmaniac
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    edited April 2021
    @wizzard - Even though you are not syncing with mobile/web there is still some syncing with your Cloud Account that does occur every time you use an Online Service (such as OSU, download securities quotes, update your home value with Zillow, run Portfolio X-Ray, etc.).  It is possible that your data file and your Cloud Account are not synced properly and that is causing the issue.  If this is the cause, there are two ways I know of that you can fix this.  If #1 does not fix the issue for you, perhaps #2 will.:
    1. Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web > Sync = On > Reset your cloud data > Yes > Reset > Sync = Off > Done.  Try running OSU to see if the issue is resolved.
    2. File > New File (you can name it "TEST" or whatever you want to...no need to add any accounts but do set it up to enable Mobile & Web) > Edit > Preferences > Cloud ID & Cloud Accounts > Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID > click on the Cloud Account associated with your original main Quicken File name > Delete > Close > Mobile & Web > Sync = Off > OK > close this TEST file.   Then open your original main file.  Quicken might require that you sign in with your Quicken ID and PW.  When the file is opened, your Cloud Account for the original main file will be recreated and your file and program will by synced with it.  Then try running OSU to see if the issue is resolved.
    Doing the final check process might take several days because you will need to wait for new debit card transactions to get downloaded to see if the split transactions issue still exists or not.
    Let me know if either of these procedures fixed the issue for you.
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