Setting up accounts in Quicken [edited]

I Have My Quicken Bank Info All Messed Up And I Think If I Go Any Farther I Am Going To Delete Something. And I Don't Have Any Idea What To Do And I Am A Real Dummy When It Comes To This Now. Can I Get Someone To Take Control Of My Computer And Fix This?


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    Do you have someone in your circle of friends, family, coworkers, relatives who is an expert computer user and also knows Quicken? If you can trust this person, I'd rather you worked with him/her directly on your computer than trying to invite a total stranger with the keys to your kingdom.
    OTOH, if you like, please give us more details on what's going on and what kind of problems you are having. Maybe one of us here in the Community will be able to help you. But we need to know what kind of hole you've gotten yourself into ...