Feature Request: Quicken for Mac. My Reports Page (or Form) like Transactions page

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List My Reports.
Allow Create, Read, Update, Delete as with Transactions.

Allow Edit Report for one or multiple reports without having to run the report
--I could select multiple reports and Delete all
--I could select multiple reports and change any of the definition criteria
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  • MSO
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    I realize that the My Reports page already exists. Thanks.

    And it does allow delete without opening.

    But it does not allow me to Select and Edit multiple reports. And it does allow me to edit criteria without running the report.

    Some of my reports take many MINUTES to run with their current criteria. I would like to edit the criteria without running the reports.

  • MSO
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    Darn... I meant to say .. It does NOT allow me to edit criteria without running the report.
  • jacobs
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    Quicken doesn't allow editing the report criteria without opening the report because Edit opens as a sheet of a report window. (a "sheet" is the Mac user interface term for a window that drops down form the top of another window.) As the UI for sheets is controlled by macOS, what you're asking for would require a complete revamp of the way reports work, creating a separate and independent Edit window which could be opened without being a child of the parent report window. I just don't see such an overhaul being likely for the marginal benefit it would bring. But most of my reports open within a few seconds, so maybe my view is colored by that; I don't have any reports which take minutes to open. (As a side note, I think focusing the developers on fixing the speed delays you're describing should be a much higher priority; with properly structured database joins and views and queries, no report should take minutes to open.)

    As for the other idea, editing multiple reports at once, the complexity user interface needed to do such a thing seems significant. Every existing element in the Edit screen would need to be designed in a way it could be set to all (box checked), none (box not checked), or some yes/some no (box with a line). That works okay for check boxes, but not for radio buttons. and dropdowns. And you'd have to be able to see the list of reports you're modifying while the Edit screen is open. That seems really complex and potentially confusing to users. What's more, if I select five reports because I want to, say, add a new Category to them all, if I don't remember that one report is set to All categories and others are set to selected Categories, I could see choices I don't expect and find it frustrating; then I'd need to cancel, select a different group of reports and try again, or open each report to see what's set differently than I expect. Look, I understand your goal here, but I think what it would take to do this could create more confusion than the situations it would make easier. I might be wrong; I'm just saying I don't see this being easy for the designers to create or for users to use.

    Keep in mind that users have been asking for the ability to make global changes to account registers since the new Quicken Mac came out 7 years ago, and they haven't added that yet; that functionality would hit at some of the same complexity issues as this does. So I'd never say never to such ideas! I just don't think taking engineers tons of work on overhauling the reports user interface again to enable editing multiple reports at once -- while reports are still missing some really key features, like sorting and subtotaling controls, and lack of savable investment reports -- seems like it should be a high priority. Just my 2¢… you may view the priorities entirely differently.
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    Hello All,

    This idea seems to have fallen stagnant and due to the age of the request and lack of user votes/comments, will be archived within the next 7 business days.

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